Asian Science and Math Olympiad (ASMO) 2018 For Grade 5

ASMO SD Kelas 5 dan 6

Asian Science and Maths Olympiad (ASMO) is a competition platform designed to challenge and evaluate student’s knowledge in Mathematics and Science at their grade level. The questions in the Olympiad will stretch their knowledge and understanding of the concepts. Our syllabus fits nicely into the syllabus that concentrates on non-routine problem-solution to prepare the students for the competition. With the expansion of STEM education worldwide, ASMO certainly answers the need of it. Students will be well prepared with the skills to meet the science and technology challenges.

In Malaysia, ASMO is officially endorsed by Ministry of Education and all participants will obtain curriculum marks. In 2018 alone, Asian Science and Mathematics Olympiad has received 70,000 entries from across the ASEAN countries. We are targeting for the number to increase at 80,000 for 2019.

We are also proud to present that ASMO International is a new effort by ASMO Malaysia which started in 2017 in Pattaya, Thailand. When it was initially launched, the competition was setup via collaboration with ASMOPSS and ASMO Thai was the host for the competition. In 2018, Malaysia has become the host for the competition and it was participated by 10 Asian countries.

The idea of opening up a new competition platform which is ASMO International is to expand the level of competition and to provide more opportunities for primary and secondary school students to experience international engagement. (sc :

Berikut ini problems and solution ASMO 2018 grade 5

1. Calculate \(20.18 × 20.17 – 20.17 × 20.16\).


2. There is a sequence: \(238, 240, 242, ……\)
What is the number of the \(135^{th}\) ?


3. The average mark of Amy’s 8 times examinations are 74, after the 9th examination, Amy got her latest average mark which is 76. Calculate how much did Amy got in her 9th of examination.


4. Calculate the total number of the rectangles in the diagram above.


5. \(7142b0\) is a 6-digit number; \(b\) could be replaced by some of the numbers so that it could be divided by 7. How many possible values of \(b\).

\(7142𝑏0 = 700000 + 14000 + 2𝑏0\)

Perhatikan bahwa 700000 dan 14000 habis dibagi 7, maka haruslah 2b0 juga habis dibagi 7. Dengan demikian nilai b yang memenuhi adalah 1 dan 8. Jadi banyaknya nilai b yang memenuhi ada 2

6. The length of a train is 240m and it travels 25m for every second. Calculate how long (m) is the cave if the train needs to take 12 seconds to across the crave


7. The width of a flyover is 8m and the area of the flyover is 960m². After that, the flyover has increased the width by 16m but the length remaining the same. What is the area of the flyover after the renovation?


8. The distance of a race for the rabbit and the turtle are 3000m. The speed for the turtle is 30m per minute while the speed for the rabbit is 300m per minute but the lazy rabbit was taking a nap in the middle of the race. At the end, the rabbit was late by 2 minutes than the turtle. Calculate how many m did the rabbit have taken for nap?


9. The age of a grandfather is 70 while the sum of his 3 grandchildrens is 40. After how many years do the grandchildrens need to take then they have the same age as their grandfather now?

Misalkan umur kakek adalah \(K\) dan umur ketiga cucunya adalah \(A, B\) dan \(C\)
\(𝐾 = 70\)
\(𝐴 + 𝐵 + 𝐶 = 40\)
Misalkan pada \(𝑥\) tahun kemudian umur kakek sekarang dan jumlah umur ketiga cucunya sama maka

\(𝐾 = (𝐴 + 𝑥) + (𝐵 + 𝑥) + (𝐶 + 𝑥)\)
\(𝐾 = (𝐴 + 𝐵 + 𝐶) + 3𝑥\)
\(70 = 40 + 3𝑥\)
\(70 − 40 = 3𝑥\)
\(30 = 3𝑥\)
\(𝑥 =\frac{30}{3}= 10\)

Jadi 10 tahun lagi umur kakek sekarang sama dengan jumlah umur ketiga cucunya.

10. The total number of the chickens and the rabbits are 100, the leg of the
chickens are 80 more than the rabbits. Calculate how many chickens and
rabbits are there?

Chiken = 80, rabbit = 20

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