Grade 1-Sample Questions GJMOC

GJMOC SD kelas 1 dan 2

This ” Sample Questions ” test is not to check the rote learning of concepts and application of simple procedures. This test would require the student to first understand the question properly and then they need to think and try out different possibilities to solve the question. The method is not important but the mindset to take on the challenge is. This test might cover much more than what the school syllabus/curriculum gives an exposure to. Please note that some problems would require more than one topic/concept to be applied as Math is not about just calculations but it is about well reasoned application of concepts and operations in a systematic and logical way. The focus here is on understanding, applying and problem solving and relating Math with the world around us and how we use it daily for small decisions. (sc : Global Olympiads Academy)

1. Look at the Example Number Bond below carefully to understand the numberbond:
Now, What Option will come in place of “ ? “ in the Number Bond below?

Answer: \(13\)

2. Maya is \(7^{th}\) from the front in the line in her school library to collect a book andher position is \(11^{th}\) from the back.How many children are standing in the line?

Answer: \(17\)

3. What is the smallest \(2\)-digit odd number with different digits?

Answer: \(13\)

4. Find and answer if

\(23 + 34 + 45 + 56 + 67 + 78 + 89 – 100\)

will result in an Odd or Even number.

Answer: Even

5. Pawan is thinking of a number \(A\). If he adds \(27\) to \(A\), he will get \(45\). What will Pawan get if he subtracts \(8\) from \(A\)?

Answer: \(10\)

6. Observe the diagram below carefully.
How much longer in units is the pencil than the eraser if their (pencil +eraser) total length is \(13\) units?

Answer : \(7\)

7. if \(\bigcirc = 5\) and \(\triangle = 1\)
Then observe the below figure carefully.

If the above figure is shown as Tens and Ones as below then what will come in place of“N” ?

Answer : \(6\)

8.  Which number will come last (right most) in the next row?

Answer : \(29\)

9. You have two each of \(₹2, ₹5\) and \(₹10\) coins.You take this money to buy \(4\) pencils that cost Rs\(6\) each. How much money will you be left with?

Answer: \(10\)

10. Bobby started studying for his exam at \(7:15 am\) in the morning on Sunday. He has to study two subjects Math and English. He studies each subject for \(45\) minutes and takes a break of \(15\) minutes in between both the subjects.
At what time does Bobby finish his studies?

Answer: \(9.00 a.m\)

11. In a leap year (Year with \(366\) days and \(29\) days in February), \(1^{st}\) January is Wednesday.
Which Day will appear \(5\) times on the calendar of February of that year?

Answer : Saturday

12. On a table there are cut outs of \(5\) triangles, \(3\) squares and \(2\) rectangles and \(1\) pentagon are kept as shown below. How many sides are there in total for all these shapes.?

Answer : \(40\)

13. In a class kids were asked to votefor their favourite Ice-cream flavour.The results are below for the whole class.
If the number of students who like Chocolate and Vanilla are \(4\) more than the students who like Strawberry and Butterscotch, how many students are there in the class.

Answer : \(28\)

14. Priya brought \(20\) chocolates to give to her five \((5)\) best friends in school onher birthday.
If Priya gives same number of chocolates to these friends and all her chocolates get finished, how many chocolates will each friendget?

Answer : \(4\)

15. Rajesh is \(6\) years older than his brother Mahesh.
After \(5\) Years, the sum of their ages will be \(30\). How old is Mahesh now?

Answer : \(7\)

16. There are Lots of coloured balls in basket. Each ball is coloured in one colour only using any of the four colours – Red or Green or Yellow or Blue. Each Kid is asked to pick exactly any two balls (can be of same colour (Like Red-Red or different colour Red-Yellow like ) they like.
How many different combinations are there for a kid? (Note: Green-Blue is same as Blue-Green so don’t count them twice.)

Answer : \(10\)

17. Trees are planted on one side of a street from one end to the other end (both ends have a tree each). If the distance between any two adjacent trees is \(5\) m and there are \(10\) trees altogether, then how long is the street in meters?

Answer : \(45\)

18. There are some dogs and chickens at a farm.
If the total number of animals is \(10\) and the total number of legs betweenthem is \(28\), how many chickens are there?

Answer : \(6\)

19. How many different two digits numbers you can make using \(1, 3, 5\),?
You can repeat the digits in anumber or use two different numbers also. (eg. \(33, 51\) )

Answer : \(9\)

20. The bus started from the terminus \(A\) with some passengers. At the \(1^{st}\) stop \(15\) passengers got down and \(20\) passengers got up. At the second stop, \(10\) passengers got down and \(7\) passengers got up. After this the bus reached the terminus \(B\) where \(30\) passengers got down finally and the bus got empty.
How many passengers were there in the beginning when the bus started from Terminus \(A\)?

Answer : \(28\)

21. Rachel’s mother is \(4\) times her age and the sum of their ages is \(4\). What is her mother’s age now?

Answer : \(32\)

22. Maya and her sister Jaya have some dolls with them. Maya has \(12\) dolls more than Jaya. How many dolls should Maya give to Jaya so that they equal number of dolls?

Answer : \(6\)

23. You are allowed to fill in “ + ” or “ – “ sign in the fill in the blanks to make the below sentence true:

8____9____7____4_____5 = 11

Write the equation with the signs filled in.

Answer : \(8+9-7-4+5=11\)

24. How many different rectangles are there in the figure below?

Answer : \(9\)

25. Some children are standing in a circle keeping same distance with the next kid. Each next child’s no. is one more than the previous one till the last child, except No. \(1\). If child no. \(5\) is opposite child no. \(14\), how many kids are there in the circle?

Answer : \(18\)





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