What is SEAMO 2022-23?

SEAMO offers an online examination option to support the countries most affected. They are committed to providing a test that not only protects the well-being of students and teachers but is equally consistent, robust, and supports the integrity of the competition. Students will be able to know their preparation and level of understanding of the wider competitive environment. Most importantly, SEAMO encourages students by offering national and international standards.

SEAMO X 2022-23 is a global round of SEAMO competition, and in 2022-23 it will take place online. All the candidates who participated in SEAMO 2022-23 will be eligible for the competition. SEAMO X 2022-23 will take place in two divisions: Champion Division and Open division. Candidates who are among the top 40% of the SEAMO will be eligible for Champion Division rest 60% will be part of the Open division to attain their global rank and Credit awards.

info pendaftaran wilayah Samarinda bisa hubungi WA : 085299200262

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